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eAgriculture partnership with the Grower Group Alliance

The eAgriculture Research Group has joined the Grower Group Alliance, an initiative from the Grains Research and Development Corporation that links researchers and farmers to facilitate research to meet the needs of the agricultural industry.

The collaboration has seen eAgriculture Research Group members visit farm areas to view farming practices, national crop varieties trials, salinity amelioration techniques, and genetically modified canola trials, as well as discuss issues with the growing season with farmers and other industry representatives.

In turn, representatives of the Moora Milling Pasture Improvement Group have come to see research conducted by ECU as a preparation for joint research initiatives.

The Grower Group Alliance is collaborating with researchers to use advanced computing techniques to assist the strategic decision making of Western Australian farmers.

The research will focus on how data mining and other computing techniques can be used to assist farmers to make decisions on how to respond to drought, climate change and changing global commodity markets, adoption of new crop varieties and production practices.

The eAgriculture Research Group is also developing a wireless sensor network test bed to be field tested with the assistance of farmers the Moora Milling Pasture Improvement Group.

The test bed will be used to research how 'real time' data mining can be used to make decisions about catchment, herbicide and other agronomic management on the farmers property and provide the farmers with on-demand information for strategic seasonal decision-making.

Key ECU Staff

Dr Leisa Armstrong, Dr Judy Clayden, Dr Jinsong Leng, Dr Hiroko Kato, David Zhang.

Engagement Partners

Moora Milling Pasture Improvement Group, Grower Group Alliance.

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