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2nd Business Doctoral and Emerging Scholars Conference 2017

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Dr Diep Nguyen

Common method bias in behavioural research: pitfalls and solutions

Professor Stephen Teo and Dr Diep Nguyen

This 90 minute workshop will look at the causes of common method bias in undertaking survey research in Social Science disciplines. Common method bias (CMB) or common-method variance (CMV) is the spurious  variance that is attributable to the measurement method rather than to the constructs the measures are assumed to represent and CMV is the  systematic error variance shared among variables measured with and introduced as a function of the same method and/or source. We will provide advice and tips on how to test and address common method bias in empirical studies by using examples analysed in SPSS and AMOS/Mplus statistical softwares from our published research.

Dr Saiyidi Mat Roni

Regression for Business Workshop

Dr Saiyidi Mat Roni

This two and a half hour workshop is designed for early- and mid-career researchers to explore the foundations and interpretations of statistical outputs of one of the most widely used methods in business analysis – regression. Participants will be introduced to four different regressions; these are basic regression, multiple regression, hierarchical regression, and binary logistic regression using SPSS. The participants will have a hands-on practice with simulated datasets in a computer lab. An emphasis on assumptions behind regression analyses will also be demonstrated to equip the participants with insights that help their interpretation of regression outputs and models.  Participants are expected to have basic technical know-how to enter data into SPSS, and toggling between data and variable views.

Dr Abhay Kumar Singh

R2-R for Research Workshop

Dr Abhay Kumar Singh

The most daunting part for people coming from a non-programming background is to write few lines of code. The main objective of the R2-R for Research workshop is to introduce R and RStudio and their various capabilities and help the participants in getting started with coding in R. This four hour workshop specifically targets PhD students and researchers who are either beginners in R or want to get started. The workshop will cover topics ranging from introduction to the R environment, programming basics, data exploration, and data visualisation to statistical techniques like Regression analysis.

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