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Criminology & Justice

What makes someone commit a crime? Understanding the causes of crime and working one-on-one with law-breakers can help criminologists and other justice system professionals prevent people from re-offending. Want to make the community safer?

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In Criminology & Justice courses, students examine the nature of crime and social control, and a broad range of justice-related areas, including policing, courts, law, corrections and alternative dispute resolution.

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The Bachelor of Criminology and Justice examines the nature of crime and social control, as well as a broad range of areas in the domain of justice including policing, courts, law, corrections, family law and alternative dispute resolution.


  • "The program was challenging, stimulating and very exciting"
    Leilani Kwan
    Leilani KwanCriminology & Justice student

    I am the first ECU student to participate in the Evidence Based Policing Internship Program with the WA Police, as part of my studies in the Bachelor of Criminology and Justice course at ECU.

    This initiative is designed to provide high‑calibre university students the opportunity to gain practical experience and the chance to apply their research, evaluation, critical analysis and writing skills in a dynamic work environment.

    My project consisted of data analysis, evaluative research, data selection and processing, which I found highly complementary to my existing course of study at ECU. I cannot emphasise enough the value of this experience.

    It has provided me with a strong motivation to contribute to work efforts regarding crime and criminal justice.

  • "I would definitely recommend ECU"
    Bernadine Tucker
    Bernadine TuckerMaster of Criminal Justice by Research graduate

    One of the best skills I obtained from undertaking this study was how to critically analyse situations and propose reasoned arguments in response.

    Additionally, my writing skills enhanced significantly, giving me the confidence and ability to write substantial technical reports and proposals.

    My qualification has certainly helped me obtain senior employment opportunities and progress to a State Manager level.

  • "The opportunities are endless"
    Anthony ScottAssociate Degree in Criminology and Justice

    Anthony Scott talks about his Criminology and Justice study experience at ECU.

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