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Social Science

Social Science is the scientific study of human society and social relationships. Social scientists use a variety of research methods to investigate human behaviour – from why people fall in love, to why people commit crimes.

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You can study many of our undergraduate Psychology, Social Science, Youth Work and Counselling courses online, allowing you to balance work and/or family responsibilities with being a student.

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Lecturer Lekkie Hopkins and students discuss Social Science at ECU, including majors in Children and Family Studies, Community Work and Human Services.


  • "I wanted more from my job, to be more involved with children and families who are disadvantaged"
    Joyce Nederpel
    Joyce NederpelBachelor of Social Science graduate

    I worked in childcare for many years and had worked my way up to management. I wanted more from my job, and wanted to be more involved with children and families who are disadvantaged. I attended the 2014 Open Day and spoke to Dr Anna Targowska who pointed me in the right direction in terms of the course I needed to do.

    As a student, I never had a bad experience with any lecturer; they were always happy to help, listen and challenge my thinking.

    And I didn't know how valuable the networking would be and how many opportunities it would open up. It was so much more than studying further to get a job.

    I went to Camp Kulin as camp counsellor, then did my second placement at Foundations Care which opened up a whole new world for me. This was the dream job, the job I have always wanted. It was incredible to learn from and watch my supervisor. I was extremely lucky! I was then offered a job and stayed on at Foundations Care as a case worker, starting my new journey.

  • "Passionate about people? Study Social Science"
    Alfred KoechSocial Science student

    Social Science is the scientific study of human society and social relationships. It's a broad discipline that can lead to a range of career directions.

    In this video Alfred Koech talks about his experiences as a Social Science student at ECU. Alfred came here from Kenya to study and to pursue his passion – working with people.

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