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Chemistry is a science that’s central to life. It includes the study of matter, what it's composed of, its structure and how it changes when exposed to different situations and elements. Ready for the lab?

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As an undergraduate, you can study an Applied Chemistry major in either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) degree.

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  • Why study Science at ECU?

  • The chemistry was right to return to study


  • "The chemistry was right to return to study"

    Samantha Ridgway

    Chemistry student

    Applied and Analytical Chemistry student Samantha Ridgway talks about how easy it was to come back to study as a mature age student.

  • "Anything is achievable"
    Rebecca MacMillan, ECU Science graduate

    Rebecca MacMillan

    ECU Science graduate

    Coming from a farming background, I was always interested in studying biology. So I made the decision to move here and begin my studies at ECU.

    ECU offered me a course with exciting fieldwork and lecturers who were so welcoming. They even helped me find work experience positions! I have completed volunteer work at the Western Australian Herbarium.

    I’ve learned that anything is achievable if you set your mind to it and focus on your goals and dreams.

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