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Conservation Science

If you're passionate about the natural environment, you'll know what impact humans are having on our planet. Here's your chance to make a difference by contributing to the conservation or management of our rich biodiversity.

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In this Bachelor of Science degree, you'll learn how to analyse the complex interactions between humans and the natural world, and apply the tools of modern biology to finding solutions to important conservation issues.

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  • Why study Science at ECU?


  • "My course allowed me to do things most people only dream about"
    Marcus Cosentino

    Marcus Cosentino

    ECU Biological Sciences graduate

    Fieldwork is an important part of the Biological Sciences course. I was able to help with reptile surveys and research projects all over the state.

    These opportunities took me to stunning areas of WA, including the Kimberley, and allowed me to get up close and personal with elusive species of native fauna that most people don't even know exist.

  • "I've always had an interest in the environment and chose ECU because it offers hands-on, job-ready degrees"
    Kendra Campbell

    Kendra Campbell

    ECU Science (Marine and Freshwater Biology) student

    I have learnt so much from being out in the field and putting lecture content into practice. I've been lucky enough to get the opportunity to go on a two-week study tour in the Gascoyne region of WA.

    I have also been involved in a number of volunteering opportunities, with Fisheries and Parks and Wildlife and these have been valuable learning experiences.

    I found the lecturers really passionate and knowledgeable about their study area. As part of our third year of study, we have field trips with government departments, such as the Department of Parks and Wildlife. This will also be very useful when applying for jobs in the future.

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