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Chestnut Brae farm tour – Dr Stephanie Godrich

Friday, 18 October 2019


ECU’s Bachelor of Health Science students enrolled in NUT11112 Nutrition and Public Health had a very informative time at Chestnut Brae farm on Monday 14th October.

Six years ago, John and Linda Stanley "landed" into farming chestnuts on their 70 acre property in Nannup WA. Since then, have been carving out niche markets for their value added products such as chestnut-fed pork, chestnut paste, chestnuts in syrup, chestnut ice cream and many more! Their approach to farming is innovative, they think outside of the box and are always open to learning new ways of diversifying their products. They approach to farming is to focus on preserving the natural environment as much as possible, with John even proclaiming they are in the business of “soil health” rather than farming! The students came away from the visit with an increased appreciation of the challenges to modern day farming in light of climate change, enhanced understanding of the many facets to running a farming business and how sowing the seeds of innovation can reap many rewards in return.

For more information on the farm, click here.


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