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  • Kingsway Christian College at the 2012 ECU Business Experience Competition

    2012 ECU Business Experience students from Kingsway Christian College with Professor Atique Islam (centre), Executive Dean from the Faculty of Business and Law.

Community activity

The Faculty of Business and Law participates in community initiatives throughout Western Australia.  

We engage with a wide range of groups, including:

  • high schools;
  • industry;
  • government; and 
  • the wider community.
The Faculty seeks meaningful, long term and sustainable relationships for mutual benefit.  There are three key engagement areas:
  • Services and initiatives coordinated by the Faculty for the benefit of the wider community;
  • Sponsorships support from the Faculty for key industry partners; and
  • Competitions and prizes provided to Faculty students in order to help them reach their potential through extra-curricular pursuits.

More information

For more information about community engagement activities, contact the Faculty of Business and Law.

Faculty Manager
Mr Mike Kustka
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 2716

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