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Student testimonials

Thumbnail picture of Jessica Dietrich

Jessica Dietrich

"I've had the chance to rub shoulders with guest lecturers from the industry."
Communications student

Thumbnail picture of Tessa Moncrieff

Tessa Moncrieff

"I use the learning from my Contemporary Arts degree in my work"
Fashion and Visual Arts graduate

Thumbnail picture of Eugene Potito

Eugene Potito

"I have also been able to apply my new knowledge in a hands-on way."
Education student

Thumbnail picture of Shameem Taheri-Lee

Shameem Taheri-Lee

"The skills and knowledge I gained at ECU have enriched my art."
WAAPA Jazz Composition graduate

Thumbnail picture of Anthony Chiappalone

Anthony Chiappalone

"I am thoroughly enjoying my experience at ECU."
Education student

Thumbnail picture of Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca Stewart

"ECU assisted me in becoming an extremely competent classroom teacher."
Education student

Thumbnail picture of Caitlin Cassidy

Caitlin Cassidy

"My training at WAAPA has provided me with the ability to conquer my fears."
Master of Arts (Creative Arts) student

Thumbnail picture of Cheryl Durongpisitkul

Cheryl Durongpisitkul

"My time at ECU has been extremely challenging and rewarding."
Bachelor of Music (Jazz Performance)

Thumbnail picture of Charlotte Hazard

Charlotte Hazard

"My time at WAAPA has been a whirlwind."
WAAPA Acting Student

Thumbnail picture of Dr John Ryan

Dr John Ryan

"The atmosphere is innovative, interdisciplinary and connected to real world issues, and the research supervisors are experienced and encouraging."
Communications PhD graduate

Thumbnail picture of Bree White

Bree White

"Studying my course at ECU has provided me with the knowledge and skills I need to succeed."
Secondary Education graduate

Thumbnail picture of Jessica Sharman

Jessica Sharman

"I've always wanted to be a Primary School Teacher."
Primary Education student

Thumbnail picture of Sebastian Forsström

Sebastian Forsström

"We had world-class lecturerers to motivate and inspire us."
Communications student

Thumbnail picture of Kate Parker

Kate Parker

"Studying Visual Arts helped me learn what an artist can contribute to society."
Visual Arts graduate

Thumbnail picture of Trevis Mcinnerney

Trevis Mcinnerney

"ECU has opened my eyes to so many opportunities."
Indigenous University Orientation Course (IUOC) student

Thumbnail picture of Emma Brankovic

Emma Brankovic

"It's so much more than fashion; it's everything that supports the industry too."
Contemporary Fashion student

Thumbnail picture of Jessica Clowes

Jessica Clowes

"The assistance and support of the lecturers at ECU has been great."
History and French student

Thumbnail picture of David Sanzone

David Sanzone

"I continued on with my studies at ECU because of the teachers and lecturers there."
Bachelor of Music (Honours) student

Thumbnail picture of Jarrod Ryan Kayler-Thomson

Jarrod Kayler-Thomson

"Having hands-on experience was definitely the most beneficial aspect of the course."
Secondary Education graduate

Thumbnail picture of Scott Ewan

Scott Ewan

"If I had to choose one word that describes this fantastic program, it would be ‘opportunity’."
Bachelor of Dance graduate

Thumbnail picture of Matt Carey

Matt Carey

"WAAPA is the perfect learning environment for aspiring dance students."
Advanced Diploma of Dance graduate

Thumbnail picture of Saxon Fairclough

Saxon Fairclough

"It has been a rewarding experience and an amazing opportunity to learn the ropes."
Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts (Stage Management)

Thumbnail picture of Chris Devauld

Chris Devauld

"The professor assigned to my research project was particularly amazing!"
Public Relations graduate

Thumbnail picture of Danielle Posejpal

Danielle Posejpal

"My course provided me with the understanding that creative ideas and communication are essential aspects of public relations."
Advertising and Public Relations student

Thumbnail picture of Abbie-Lee Lewis

Abbie-Lee Lewis

"WAAPA taught me the tricks of the trade that enabled me to pursue my love of theatre."
Certificate IV in Theatre (Aboriginal) graduate

Thumbnail picture of Alexander Lewis

Alexander Lewis

"WAAPA is everything I thought it would be... and more."
WAAPA graduate

Thumbnail picture of Ms Cheryl

Ms Cheryl

"The best aspect of my course was the range of subject areas covered."
Education student

Thumbnail picture of Claire Martin

Claire Martin

"I met so many inspiring photographers who cemented my desire to pursue that direction."
Photomedia graduate

Thumbnail picture of Liz Brown

Liz Brown

"The most important thing I’ve taken from studying fashion at ECU is learning how to develop my creative concepts and turn them into a design."
Contemporary Fashion student

Thumbnail picture of George Donaldson

George Donaldson

"The course has given me the knowledge I need to move forwards personally and professionally"
Indigenous Australian Studies student

Thumbnail picture of Lara Parry

Lara Parry

"I think the best tool we were taught was to question everything."
Design and Fashion student

Thumbnail picture of Stephan Bolaji

Stephan Bolaji

"As a student from Nigeria, my decision to study Education at ECU was strongly influenced by its international reputation and the recognition graduating from the University brings."
Education PhD candidate

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