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Thumbnail picture of Kirsty Hair Thumbnail

"Once I read about ECU’s state-of-the-art facilities my choice was made."

Kirsty Hair

Nursing graduate

Thumbnail picture of Meghann Laverty Thumbnail

"I wanted the opportunity to work anywhere in Australia as well as overseas."

Meghann Laverty

ECU Paramedical Science student

Thumbnail picture of Melissa Mairs Thumbnail

"I’ve always wanted to help people."

Melissa Mairs

Medical Science student

Thumbnail picture of Zigourney Nielsen Thumbnail

"My course gave me lots of hands-on experience."

Zigourney Nielsen

Biological Sciences student

Thumbnail picture of Marcus Ruggiero Thumbnail

“The specialised AFL component is fantastic!”

Marcus Ruggiero

Sports Science and Football student

Thumbnail picture of Kate Pearson Thumbnail

"I’ve made friends and professional connections that enrich my life."

Kate Pearson

Psychology and Counselling graduate and Psychology Honours graduate

Thumbnail picture of Kristy Brittain Thumbnail

"The skills that I learned have greatly impressed my employer."

Kristy Brittain

Social Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Priya Rabadia Thumbnail

"The work industry learning program was a great experience."

Priya Rabadia

Computer Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Padraig Roche Thumbnail

“ECU’s course was by far the best choice.”

Padraig Roche

Master of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) student

Thumbnail picture of Dennis Bothur Thumbnail

"ECU’s facilities and course offerings are amongst the best in Australia."

Dennis Bothur

Cyber Security student

Thumbnail picture of Claire Mason Thumbnail

“You have the opportunity to actually experience the workplace.”

Claire Mason

Exercise and Sports Science and Exercise Science and Rehabilitation graduate

Thumbnail picture of Shona Halleen Thumbnail

“ECU is definitely more hands-on.”

Shona Halleen

Health Science (Nutrition major) graduate

Thumbnail picture of Agnieszka Trejmak Thumbnail

"My studies earned me a promotion at work."

Agnieszka Trejmak

Information Technology graduate

Thumbnail picture of Rebecca MacMillan Thumbnail

"Anything is achievable."

Rebecca MacMillan

Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Callum May Thumbnail

"My course allowed me to undertake practical placements in every semester."

Callum May

Speech Pathology student

Thumbnail picture of Alexander Barry Thumbnail

"My passion for motorsport led me to this course, all the way from Sydney."

Alexander Barry

Motorsports Technology student

Thumbnail picture of Rocheal-Lee Lock Thumbnail

"The clinical practice wards and simulation patients at ECU are as close as you’ll get to the real thing."

Rocheal-Lee Lock

Nursing student

Thumbnail picture of Abbie Milne Thumbnail

"I got real-world experience with dolphins in Monkey Mia."

Abbie Milne

Conservation and Wildlife Biology graduate

Thumbnail picture of Holly Winkle Thumbnail

"ECU provided me with all of the theory and field experience I needed for the real world."

Holly Winkle

Marine and Freshwater Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Mahendran Swominathan Thumbnail

"ECU has helped me realize the type of youth worker I want to be."

Mahendran Swominathan

Social Science (Youth Work) student

Thumbnail picture of Callum Robinson Thumbnail

"I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in medical research."

Callum Robinson

Biomedical Science student

Thumbnail picture of Denae Sinclair Thumbnail

"Every aspect of studying at ECU has been enjoyable."

Denae Sinclair

Medical Science student

Thumbnail picture of Laurence Da Luz Thumbnail

"I worked with the WA police to create software that will have real community benefits."

Laurence Da Luz

Computer Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Kathleen Johnson Thumbnail

"ECU has amazing clinical practice facilities."

Kathleen Johnson

Nursing and Midwifery student

Thumbnail picture of Tayah Gallacher Thumbnail

"At ECU the learning experience is more personalised so you feel less like a number and more like a person."

Tayah Gallacher

Ocean Engineering student

Thumbnail picture of Belinda Owen Thumbnail

“The ECU course is flexible and I can study it online.”

Belinda Owen

Master of Occupational Health and Safety student

Thumbnail picture of Quinn Wells Thumbnail

"The practicum experience I undertook was invaluable."

Quinn Wells

South West Nursing student

Thumbnail picture of Alyx Sidebottom Thumbnail

"I chose Psychology at ECU so I could help others."

Alyx Sidebottom

Psychological Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Bethwyn Rowe Thumbnail

"My ECU course was the stand-out choice for so many reasons."

Bethwyn Rowe

Psychology graduate

Thumbnail picture of Rena Vithiatharan Thumbnail

“We covered a broad range of public health issues.”

Rena Vithiatharan

Master of Public Health (By Coursework) graduate

Thumbnail picture of Ryan Campbell Thumbnail

"ECUs social work lectures were a valuable resource."

Ryan Campbell

Social Work graduate

Thumbnail picture of Penelope Blanco Thumbnail

“I have been very fortunate to work with two great supervisors.”

Penelope Blanco

Master of Science (Sports Science) student

Thumbnail picture of Luke Kavcic Thumbnail

“I wanted to study something that I’m really passionate about.”

Luke Kavcic

Sports Science and Football student

Thumbnail picture of Tamara Pullella Thumbnail

“ECU offers the opportunity to experience prac from the very beginning.”

Tamara Pullella

Occupational Therapy graduate

Thumbnail picture of Alvin Goh Thumbnail

“I knew that I was enrolling into a recognised degree.”

Alvin Goh

Exercise and Sports Science graduate

Thumbnail picture of Adam Croswell Thumbnail

"The online course helped me balance study with work/life."

Adam Croswell

Information Technology graduate

Thumbnail picture of Bojan Markoski Thumbnail

"We get to use the latest equipment used in the industry. This gives us an extra edge."

Bojan Markoski

Civil Engineering student

Thumbnail picture of Chanelle Webster Thumbnail

"By undertaking this internship, I am not only going to graduate with a degree, I am going to graduate industry ready"

Chanelle Webster

Conservation and Wildlife Biology student

Thumbnail picture of Jordan Peace Thumbnail

"You graduate ready to hit the ground running."

Jordan Peace

Electronics and Communications Engineering student

Thumbnail picture of Melissa D’Amico Thumbnail

"Studying at ECU has been a life-changing experience."

Melissa D’Amico

Social Work student

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