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Consultative committees

Consultative committees

Our consultative committees provide a valuable connection with industry. They increase the relevance of our course and units whilst providing opportunities for the Faculty to receive advice from industry, employers and the community on its teaching, research and professional engagement.

Arts Committee

  • Mr Joel McGuiness (Chair), Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre
  • Mr Wayne Vitali, Chief Editor, South Western Times
  • Ms Erin Findlay, Bunbury Public Library
  • Ms Stephanie Addison Brown, City of Bunbury
  • Mr Alex Mickle, Community Visual Art representative
  • Mr Jo O'Dea, Alumni
  • Director, Bunbury Regional Art Gallery
  • Mr Ruslan Kulski, ABC Open online and ABC Radio

Environmental Committee

  • Alison Aprhys, Freelance Writer & Photojournalist
  • Alan Pastega, Department of Water
  • Bev Thurlow, Department of Water
  • Ash Ramsay, Department of Water
  • Ben Tilley, Department of Water
  • Alex Burgoyne, Department of Water
  • Laura Parmenter, Ecowise (environmental consultants)
  • Neil Bennett, Bureau Meteorology
  • Jen Mitchell, Geocatch
  • Neil Taylor, Department of Conservation
  • Laurie Schlueter, Yallingup LCDC
  • Mick Irving, Water Corporation
  • Emily Hugues Dit Ciles, SWCC
  • Brian Middleton, Margaret River Shire
  • Jeremy O'Neil, Busselton Shire

Social Work Advisory Board

  • Mike Hepburn (Chair), Life Without Barriers
  • Jan Rapkins, Department for Child Protection Bunbury
  • Maria de Lima, Bunbury Catholic College
  • Dawn Logan, Pilbara Population Health Unit
  • Michael Saunders, Southern Country Health
  • Coralyn Treasure, Katanning Community Health
  • Jeni Henderson, WACHS / Local Drug Action groups 
  • Robyn Wilson, South West Institute of Technology
  • Carrina Bradbury, Bunbury Counselling  
  • Sabina Leitmann, Australian Association of Social Workers
  • Gail Eliot, Northern Remote Country Health Region Mid West
  • Carol Attard, Health Department

ECU South West Research Centre Industry Reference Group

  • Ms June Foulds, Greater Bunbury Division of General Practice
  • Mr Matt Granger, Bunbury Wellington Economic Alliance
  • Ms Lorraine Pedofsky, GE
  • Dr Robyn McCarron, Honorary Associate Professor
  • Mr Richard Jackson, Val Lishman Health Research Foundation
  • Ms Anna Oades, South West Development Commission
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