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Body of Knowledge Episode 4 – Which sports supplements actually work?

Australians spend almost $5 billion each year on sports supplements in the quest to become fitter, faster and stronger.

Walk through any pharmacy and you will be confronted with shelf after shelf packed with products that claim to improve performance.

But do these claims stack up scientifically? And what are the health risks?

Dr Krissy Kendall from Edith Cowan University’s School of Medical and Health Sciences is an expert in sports nutrition. She conducted extensive research into the effectiveness of sports supplements.

In this episode, she explains who can potentially benefit from supplements and what to consider if you decide to start taking one.

She identifies the sports supplements with good evidence of being effective, such as creatine and whey protein. She also lists those you should probably avoid, like testosterone boosters and glutamine.

Finally, Dr Kendall explains what you should look for to make sure the product you buy is safe and works as intended.

Body of Knowledge is Edith Cowan University’s research podcast. Each month it examines a hot topic or burning question through the lens of science.

Visit the Exercise and Sports Science course page for more information about studying exercise and sports science at Edith Cowan University.


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