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Exercise as medicine for cancer

Students of ECU’s exercise medicine cancer management postgraduate courses will have access to the latest technology and facilities.

With the number of Australians diagnosed with cancer expected to reach 150,000 by 2020, the demand for specialised healthcare professionals is growing.

Edith Cowan University’s (ECU) new exercise medicine cancer management postgraduate courses will equip healthcare professionals with the skills to deliver supervised exercise programs for people with cancer.

Associate Dean of Medical and Exercise Sciences, Professor Rob Newton, said there was a need for more skilled healthcare specialists to provide exercise assessment and prescription to the growing cancer patient population.

“An appropriate exercise prescription can dramatically improve the lives of the vast majority of people diagnosed with cancer,” he said.

“Targeted exercise programs can build fitness, improve physical function and increase physical reserve capacity, putting patients in better shape to receive cancer treatments.

“Exercise can also help to counteract some of the side effects associated with treatments for cancer.

“Now we need to train a workforce to ensure that all Australians diagnosed with cancer have access to trained professionals that can support safe and effective exercise medicine.”

Demand driven

Professor Newton said there was strong demand for health professionals who can deliver tailored exercise medicine programs for patients.

“I get communications weekly from clinicians and patients in Australia and around the world requesting advice on exercise medicine for cancer management, so there is strong demand for healthcare professionals with these types of skills,” he said.

A world-class degree

Students in the new postgraduate courses will learn from world leading experts and will have access to the latest technology and facilities in ECU’s Exercise Medicine Research Institute (EMRI) and Vario Health Clinic.

The Masters of Exercise Medicine (Oncology) is also the first of its kind in Australia and the first in the world to be delivered by a team of combined experts.

Course components

Students can choose from a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters of Exercise Medicine (Oncology).

All are delivered online with full-time or part-time study options and with a flexible course structure, students can choose the units that best suit their needs and interests.

The courses have been designed for exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, nurses, medical doctors and other health professionals who want to specialise in exercise oncology.

In the Masters of Exercise Medicine (Oncology) there is a capstone practical component which will give students hands-on experience using the latest diagnostic and assessment equipment, as well as access to EMRI’s health clinic on the Joondalup Campus.

For more information and to enrol in the postgraduate exercise medicine (Oncology) courses, visit


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