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7 tips to make the most out of O-Week

Orientation Week is your first introduction to the new life waiting for you at university. Follow these tips to get the most out of O-Week and hit the ground running on the first day of semester.

1. Download Lost on Campus

Lost on Campus is a free app for both Android and Apple that is an absolute life saver when you need to find a lecture or tutorial room. Especially if you have classes on different ECU campuses. The app has mapped 42 university campuses and more than36,000 locations. Find it on the app store or check out the Lost on Campus website.

Students enjoying O-Week at the Joondalup Campus.
Students enjoying O-Week at the Joondalup Campus.

2. Join the Guild

Every student who enrols at ECU will automatically become an ECU Student Guild member (unless you opt-out). There are many benefits in being a member, including discounts for food on and off campus, professional development, club sand a wide range of support services. The Guild have a stall during O-Week celebrations and it is highly recommended you drop by to pick up your Guild sticker and goodie bag full of essentials such as a water bottle, discount book and the all-important Guild diary.

3. Collect as much free stuff as possible

You may not realise it yet but free things will become essential to your University life. O-Week is the perfect chance for you to find heaps of free stuff, from stationery to food.Various stall holders have different swag so make sure to hit them up once (or twice!) to get the most out of it.

ECU's cheerleading and mascot are just some of the clubs and activities you can join.
ECU's cheerleading and mascot are just some of the clubs and activities you can join.

4. Join clubs

Clubs and societies are the backbone of student life on campus, whether you are looking to meet friends, get fit or just be more social. O-Week is the best place to find out about all that ECU has to offer. There are different types of clubs the ECU Guild has to offer and majority of them are free to join!

5. Attend your course induction

This is yet another chance to score some freebies. But more importantly, it’s an opportunity to meet your lecturers, course coordinators and fellow classmates. All the important information you’ll need before starting your studies can be found at the sessions. To find out when the session for your particular course is being held check out the course induction webpage.

6. Visit the Course Information Hub

There is a Course Information Hub on each ECU campus. They can help with course information and advice, such as enrolment, selecting units, nominating a major and dealing with timetable clashes.

Students checking out clubs and stalls at O Day.
Students checking out clubs and stalls at O Day.

7. Have fun

Yes, university involves study and exams. But an equally important part of the university experience is to enjoy yourself. During your studies you will meet people from many different backgrounds, some of which you will call lifelong friends!

For full details and helpful links, visit ECU's Orientation webpage.

Written by Mitchell Roberts as part of a Work Integrated Learning unit within the Bachelor of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations course.


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