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Scholarship Ceremony

Friday, 05 July 2019


On the afternoon of 4 July, ECU welcomed scholarship recipients, valued university supporters, staff, and executives to our inaugural university-wide ECU Scholarship Ceremony. Everyone in attendance was a part of something truly special.

Our exceptional scholarship recipients were selected against stiff competition as a result of their talent, drive, and enthusiasm. They're our leaders of tomorrow, and we are so proud to see each and every recipient doing their best to achieve greatness in their area of study.

These scholarships are available due to the generosity of our valued donors. Through their support, they are helping the university to ensure that all of our students reach their full potential. We extend our sincere thanks to each and every supporter for making such a tremendous impact in supporting our students.

From recognition of academic achievements, to support for unique challenges and experiences, ECU has a range of scholarships to suit most needs. We listened to moving stories of scholarships created in honor exceptionally talented and inspirational people, as well as scholarships created by those looking to support areas of need. Each scholarship provides support far greater than monetary reward, they give our recipients the encouragement to achieve their dreams. It’s often the belief that someone has in you that drives you to achieve greatness, and that is exactly what is provided through these scholarships.

Through the generous support of our donors, ECU's scholarships help make university aspirations a reality for many who would otherwise not have the opportunity. We're committed to help our students realise their full potential. If you are interested in learning more about scholarships or would like to create a scholarship please contact our office.

+61 6304 2761


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