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Section 1 - ECU International organisational structure

Roles and responsibilities

Section1 address the roles and responsibilities of the ECU Team.

Client Manager

A senior academic staff member such as the Dean, ECU International (ECUI) or an Associate Dean (International) will be appointed as Client Manager for each Partner Institution. The Client Manager is responsible for all strategic and contract related matters including contract negotiation, implementation and management, as well as being the main contact person for any strategic, contract or significant operational problems or issues. Client managers are under the line management of the Dean ECUI. The Dean ECUI is under the line management of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International.

Partnerships Officer

A Partnerships Officer will be appointed as the central contact point for all administrative matters related to the offshore program. The Partnerships Officer is responsible for coordinating the delivery of the offshore program including: marketing and promotion, unit materials, enrolment, invoicing, exam papers, unit moderation, etc. The Partnerships Officers are under the line management of the Coordinator Partnership Services.

Admissions Officer

An Admissions Officer will be appointed to manage the application and admission process for the Partner Institution. The Admissions Officer is responsible for assessing each offshore application from the perspective of Academic Entry, English language requirements and Advanced Standing. The Admissions Officer will advise the Partner Institution of the outcome of the application, and forward successful applications to the relevant Partnerships Officer. The Admissions Officers are under the line management of the Manager, International Admission.

Partnership Development Manager

A Partnership Development Manager will be appointed to provide marketing and communications advice to the Partner Institution. The Partnership Development Manager is responsible for assisting the Partner Institution with the development of a yearly marketing plan and providing marketing and communications advice as required, as well as, ensuring that all Partner Initiation marketing materials have been approved by ECU. The Partnership Development Managers are under the line management of the Manager, Partnership Development.

For further information regarding contact details please view the ECU International (ECUI) Organisational Chart and Contact List and the ECUI Offshore Program Contact List for further details.

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