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Big data: research by the numbers

How many festival-goers have previously used ecstasy? How many female athletes are iron deficient? We dive into the data to answer these questions and more.

ECU University Librarian Constance Wiebrands.

Five minutes with… Constance Wiebrands

Constance Wiebrands has witnessed the rapid shift of libraries from monuments that once housed tomes of print and paper to suppliers of the expansive online collections of today.

Do not joke

Life hacks

Improve your life by following six simple tips from some of ECU's best health, business, education and psychology experts.

WAAPA third-year props and scenery student Samantha Knox. Photo by Stephen Heath.

The making of a musical

Take a look behind the curtain to discover what goes into making Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts' (WAAPA's) mid-year musical.

ECU PhD candidate Carmen Jacques.

Life after terror

When Carmen Jacques visited the site of the Bali bombings, the emotional impact was achingly raw. It led her to document the trauma of four people touched by terror globally.

What can kids teach us, if only we’d ask?

Are we underestimating our kids?

Children often know more, feel more and are more cognitively capable than adults give them credit. Edith magazine explores the mounting evidence that shows when given the opportunity, kids have a lot they can teach us.

Big data cycling

Big data: Research by the numbers

How much faster can cyclists sprint using a forward-standing position? How many kids are hospitalised each day for sports injuries? We dive into the data to answer these questions and more.

Melanoma blood cells.

Stalking a stealthy killer

Australia recently regained the unenviable title of the melanoma capital of the world, knocking New Zealand off the top spot. But Australian researchers are also leading the way in developing a blood test that can catch the deadly cancer in its early stages, before it has a chance to spread around the body.

ECU computer science student Georgia Maher

Five minutes with Georgia Maher

Computer science student Georgia Maher is one of a growing number of women studying in this traditionally male-dominated field. Edith magazine finds out what makes her tick.

ECU exercise and sports scientist Dr James Croft

Hardcore parkour

Scrambling up walls, sprinting along rooftops and jumping off buildings are all part of the sport of parkour. As well as being exhilarating to watch, Dr James Croft explains how studying parkour can help us better understand how we navigate our environment in everyday life.

Letting go of an old grudge

Life hacks

Improve your life by following six simple tips from some of ECU’s best health, tourism and psychology experts.

10.18pm, Alaska, Caribbean Sea, 2014

Behind the drag scene

ECU PhD graduate Dr Claire Alexander is a visual ethnographer whose photography encompasses the Perth and international drag community.

Visual Arts students get creative at Mount Lawley Campus.

Life through the lens

Photomedia students Atanga Mungandi, Michael Angelo Gomez and Alec Thomas captured life on ECU’s three campuses in the second week of Semester 2, 2018.

A young girl and boy in a classroom with a teacher.

Big data: Research by the numbers

What do students really think of their teachers? What proportion of young people use their mobile phones while driving? We dive into the data to answer these questions and more.

Self portrait of Sarah Searle

Turning a new page

Perth's small but thriving comic scene is a place where independent artists are beginning to make their mark in new and diverse ways.

International man of mystery Wilson Msiska.

5 minutes with Wilson Msiska

International Account Manager Wilson Msiska’s sense of style and fashion gives him the confidence to navigate the world.

Woman in sports wear standing with her hands on her hips stretching her back.

Life Hacks

Improve your life by following six simple tips from some of ECU’s best health, tourism and education experts.

WAAPA graduate Amy Manford

An exceptional talent

Pole vaulting and operatic singing are strange bedfellows. But for soprano Amy Manford, the two stand at opposite ends on the continuum of her award-winning success – from gold medals in pole vaulting and rhythmic gymnastics at the Australian National Championships to landing the female lead in The Phantom of the Opera for her debut at London’s West End.

Optus Stadium.

Beyond Utopia

WA is at a crossroads for infrastructure, with hopes a new independent organisation will reshape the planning agenda as well as the skyline of Perth.

Self driving, autonomous smart cars ride the roads.

The future has arrived and it looks smart

The concept of a smart city may conjure visions of a Jetsons-inspired city of the future, but many features of what makes a city smart are already part of everyday life.

Design by Lynne Neil. Image courtesy of Songy Knox.

Everything old is new again

ECU Contemporary Fashion student eco designs include repurposed tablecloths, reworked woven cloth, hand-printed natural dyes and zero-waste cutting methods, however Course Coordinator Justine McKnight says sustainable fashion is not just about using recycled or repurposed materials.

Eat your greens! Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

Life Hacks

Get ahead with lessons for your life from how tea and plants can help your health and busting a common misconception around video games all backed up by ECU research.

John Hurney

Five minutes with John Hurney

John Hurney has been helping to "grease the wheels" for ECU's Motorsports Team since 2006.

20% of burglars are stealing for food.

Big Data: Research by the numbers

Why do burglars break into houses? Does anyone even use exercise equipment in public parks? We delve into the data to answer these questions and more.

The Study Hard Play Hard program aims to inspire children to pursue higher education

Community: Gains from the game

A football science program that engages young indigenous players with life at university is having implications that extend beyond the game.

Dr Jamal Barnes

The genealogy of torture

It sounds like the worst kind of horror novel, but a new book on the genealogy of the torture taboo by Dr Jamal James is anything but.

Journalism student Vanessa Vlajkovic

5 minutes with Vanessa Vlajkovic

A curiosity about the world and a desire to inform society are two reasons why Vanessa Vlajkovic, a deafblind student, decided to study journalism at ECU.

Emma Matthews is WAAPA's new Head of Classical Voice.

5 minutes with Emma Matthews

WAAPA's new Head of Classical Voice is returning to the place where her career began to teach performance.

Reading material closer than 30cm to your face increases your chances of developing myopia, or short-sightedness.

Life Hacks

Improve your health, protect your home and secure your data by following these simple tips from Edith Cowan University researchers.

Collecting data on sea ice requires a whole new perspective on research according to Dr Viena Puigcorbé Lacueva.

Hunting iron in sea ice

Months-long research trips across the world’s oceans are just part of the job for Dr Viena Puigcorbé Lacueva. Find out about the challenges of research on sea ice and glaciers of Antarctica.

Calan Williams works hard both on and off the track.

Driving for the distance

To reach pole position, racing prodigy Calan Williams knew he had to be at his best both on and off the track.

Image by Jack Allen

Tales of the city

For emerging photographers, photo books still have an important place in the age of Instagram and Facebook.

ECU’s final year photomedia students produce a photographic monograph that may include work they have done during their three years of study as well as exploring new themes and ideas.


Research by the numbers

Take a look at some of ECU's world-class research laid out by the numbers.

Busselton Beach Resort's Mark Jacobsen walks part of the Port Geographe beaches clear of seaweed.

Saving Busselton's Beaches

Mountains of rotting seaweed caused an almighty stink for residents of Busselton in WA's South West - but ECU researchers were a big part of the solution.

Adam Johnson wants to make Bunbury more accessible.

How we're helping make Bunbury more accessible

PhD candidate Adam Johnson is working with people with disabilities to help solve their problems with accessibility.

What is love?

The Big Question - How do we find love?

How do we find love in the modern world? Three ECU experts give their take on  how trust, science and society influence how we find love.

Helen Seiver 'Adding Absence' 2016. Photo by Stephanie Lloyd Smith.

Artworks tell the story of WA's hidden shame

A new exhibition at ECU is exploring the emotionally fraught subject of mothers who killed their children in colonial Western Australia.

Guinea pig

An everyday sacrifice that saves lives

Behind every extraordinary advancement in medicine stand ordinary people who have volunteered time, blood and more for the greater good. Meet some of the volunteers who help make medical science happen.

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