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Journalism student Vanessa Vlajkovic

5 minutes with Vanessa Vlajkovic

A curiosity about the world and a desire to inform society are two reasons why Vanessa Vlajkovic, a deafblind student, decided to study journalism at ECU.

Emma Matthews is WAAPA's new Head of Classical Voice.

5 minutes with Emma Matthews

WAAPA's new Head of Classical Voice is returning to the place where her career began to teach performance.

Food Rescue Manager Julie Broad and a Food Rescue volunteer with the food carts in Perth's CBD.

Winning the war on waste

Australians throw away about $8 billion worth of food every year. ECU researchers explain how we all have a role to play in the war on food waste.

Reading material closer than 30cm to your face increases your chances of develping myopia, or short-sightedness.

Life Hacks

Improve your health, protect your home and secure your data by following these simple tips from Edith Cowan University researchers.

John Stallwood turned a passion for beer into a career.

Cheers, John

Perth brewer John Stallwood started with a home brew kit and an ECU marketing degree. He turned an experiment into a career — but the path to success has not been an easy one.

Collecting data on sea ice requires a whole new perspective on research according to Dr Viena Puigcorbé Lacueva.

Hunting iron in sea ice

Months-long research trips across the world’s oceans are just part of the job for Dr Viena Puigcorbé Lacueva. Find out about the challenges of research on sea ice and glaciers of Antarctica.

Angela Genoni is researching how the Paleo diet affects the microbiome.

Go with your gut

There are currently millions of organisms living in your gut. ECU researchers explain how these tiny creatures play a big role in your overall health.

Calan Williams works hard both on and off the track.

Driving for the distance

To reach pole position, racing prodigy Calan Williams knew he had to be at his best both on and off the track.

ECU's cyber security experts are some of the best in the business.

What it takes to win unconventional wars

In the wars of the future, our IT capability will matter just as much as tanks and warships. ECU's cyber security experts discuss winning the cyber wars.

ECU researcher and grandmother Dr Donell Holloway says policies need to be updated to protect children's privacy.

I spy the internet of toys

Many modern toys are internet connected devices that can harvest data from unsuspecting children.  ECU researchers explore the risks, but also the potential benefits of the internet of toys.

Grandparents who care for their grandchildren live up to 5 years longer according to ECU research. Photo by Daniela Rey on Unsplash,

Big Data: research by the numbers

Take a look at the numbers behind ECU's world-leading research. How can grandparents live longer and how can we improve kids' knowledge of fractions.

Image by Jack Allen

Tales of the city

For emerging photographers, photo books still have an important place in the age of Instagram and Facebook.

ECU’s final year photomedia students produce a photographic monograph that may include work they have done during their three years of study as well as exploring new themes and ideas.

Kashif Saleem

Tracking Saleem’s Success

ECU business alumnus Kashif Saleem has turned a good idea into a thriving company.


Research by the numbers

Take a look at some of ECU's world-class research laid out by the numbers.

Dr Syed Islam

Could a selfie catch a sleeping killer?

We can teach a computer to recognise signs of deadly disease, just by showing it a picture of your face. Find out how AI is improving medical diagnosis.

Michael Genovese

Take a new direction

A snap decision to start a postgraduate degree in broadcasting has led to Michael Genovese becoming one of the most recognisable faces on our TV screens. Read how postgraduate study is transforming the careers – and lives – of people like Michael.

Busselton Beach Resort's Mark Jacobsen walks part of the Port Geographe beaches clear of seaweed.

Saving Busselton's Beaches

Mountains of rotting seaweed caused an almighty stink for residents of Busselton in WA's South West - but ECU researchers were a big part of the solution.

Adam Johnson wants to make Bunbury more accessible.

How we're helping make Bunbury more accessible

PhD candidate Adam Johnson is working with people with disabilities to help solve their problems with accessibility.

What is love?

The Big Question - How do we find love?

How do we find love in the modern world? Three ECU experts give their take on  how trust, science and society influence how we find love.

There are more than 50,000 Australian families where grandparents are the primary carers of their grandchildren.

The changing face of families

As society changes, our families are changing too. Yet in the modern world, is there such a thing as a "typical" family?

Helen Seiver 'Adding Absence' 2016. Photo by Stephanie Lloyd Smith.

Artworks tell the story of WA's hidden shame

A new exhibition at ECU is exploring the emotionally fraught subject of mothers who killed their children in colonial Western Australia.

Guinea pig

An everyday sacrifice that saves lives

Behind every extraordinary advancement in medicine stand ordinary people who have volunteered time, blood and more for the greater good. Meet some of the volunteers who help make medical science happen.

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