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What’s the biggest myth in your field?

Thursday, 13 October 2016


That eating dairy products leads to weight gain, heart problems and mucus build-up

Not only does the evidence suggest that this is not true, but dairy products are the best source of dietary calcium, which is important for the development and maintenance of bone mass as well as protecting against the loss of bone mass associated with ageing.

Associate Professor Amanda Devine
School of Medical and Health Sciences

That children are always at risk online

People don’t feel they have digital expertise to manage children online. The expertise a parent needs is about their own child, not about media. Talking with your child about their online activities creates a new basis for shared understanding and the foundation for a great relationship as the child gets older.

Professor Lelia Green
School of Arts and Humanities

That problem gamblers frequently visit gambling venues — and people at gambling venues are problem gamblers

Results from my research show people who frequently visit gambling venues to gamble are not necessarily problem gamblers or addicted to gambling. These people may enjoy all other non-gambling facilities and activities that casinos provide, such as celebrity chefs, luxurious resorts, concerts and other entertainment shows. People who are rated as problem gamblers don’t visit casinos frequently.

Associate Professor Catherine Prentice
School of Business and Law

That psychologists are mind readers

People sometimes think that as psychologists we know what you are thinking about; essentially that we are mind readers. Psychology is about studying how people behave, think and feel, not what they are thinking about at any particular time.

Dr Bronwyn Harman
School of Arts and Humanities


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