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Big Data: Research by the numbers

20% of burglars are stealing for food.

Young burglars are stealing for food.


The proportion of Australian women who believe wolf-whistling is inappropriate.

Female undergraduate's perceptions of intrusive behaviour in 12 countries


Amount of juvenile burglars who break into houses for food.

N. Gately, J. McCue and S. Ellis. (2017) Young Offenders on Offending: Voices of young people who offend, insights into modus operandi and lived experiences. A report prepared by Edith Cowan University for the Western Australia Police and the Children’s Court of Western Australia.


Number of park visitors who use park-based exercise equipment. However, two thirds think the equipment is a good investment and positive addition.

‘I think it adds value, but I don’t use it’: use, perceptions and attitudes of outdoor exercise equipment in an urban public park.


The proportion of small business owners aged over 60 who feel they are not on track or only somewhat on track to having sufficient funds for retirement.

B. Walker, J. Redmond and J. Hutchinson. (2017) My business – My retirement. A report prepared by Edith Cowan University funded with the support of the Small Business Development Corporation and a Strategic Research Grant from ECU’s School of Business and Law.


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