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Big data: Research by the numbers

What do students really think of their teachers? What proportion of young people use their mobile phones while driving? We dive into the data to answer these questions and more.

Students like teachers that can keep control of the classroom.


The number of different antigens examined by researchers to develop the world's first blood test capable of detecting early stage melanoma.

Pauline Zaenker, Johnny Lo, Robert Pearce, Phillip Cantwell, Lester Cowell, Mark Lee, Christopher Quirk, Henry Law, Elin Gray and Mel Ziman. "A diagnostic autoantibody signature for primary cutaneous melanoma" Oncotarget. DOI: 10.18632/ oncotarget.25669

3 in 4

The proportion of young adults in Western Australia use their mobile phones while driving despite knowing it is illegal.

An investigation of mobile phone use while driving: An application of the theory of planned behavior.


The proportion of high school students who think good teachers are those who control behaviour in the classroom.

What do students believe about effective classroom management? A mixed-methods investigation in Western Australian high schools.


The proportion of lawyers who forward confidential info to Hotmail/Gmail accounts.

A Survey of Lawyers’ Cyber Security Practises in Western Australia.


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