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Big data: Research by the numbers

How much faster can cyclists sprint using a forward-standing position? How many kids are hospitalised each day for sports injuries? We dive into the data to answer these questions and more.


How much faster cyclists who adopt a forward-standing position during a sprint travel.

Reducing Aerodynamic Drag by Adopting a Novel Road-Cycling Sprint Position


The percentage of Australians over the age of 65 who would ignore obvious errors in grammar and syntax in a phishing email if it appears to come from a reputable source.

Older Adults and the Authenticity of Emails

34% undiagnosed men and 63% undiagnosed women

Proportion of people with untreated haemochromatosis – a genetic disorder which causes the body to absorb more iron than usual from food and potentially cause damage to organs – that will be identified by a new diagnostic technique.

Detection of HFE Haemochromatosis in the clinic and community using standard erythrocyte tests


The number of children hospitalised in Australia each day for sports-related injuries over the past decade.

The burden of hospitalized sports-related injuries in children: an Australian population-based study, 2005–2013

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