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Big data: research by the numbers

How many festival-goers have previously used ecstasy? How many female athletes are iron deficient? We dive into the data to answer these questions and more.


The amount of fish fingers that ghost crabs will eat in lab tests, compared to plant matter like seaweed, their normal diet.

Trophic ecology of ghost crabs with diverse tastes: Unwilling vegetarians


Percentage of festival attendees who have previously used ecstasy.

Risk intentions following pill test scenarios are predicted by MDMA use history and sensation seeking: A quantitative field study at an Australian music festival


Portion of Australian who recognise that an ambulance should be called for someone showing symptoms of meningitis.

What constitutes an emergency ambulance call?


The portion of female athletes who are iron deficient, compared to between 5 and 11 per cent of women generally.

Iron considerations for the athlete: a narrative review

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