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WA might be a long way from the bright lights of the world's biggest cities, but those of us who live here know we have a lot to offer. How do we elevate our natural attractions on to the world's stage?

That's a question we ask this issue when we look at boosting our tourism numbers. We also uncover Perth's growing comic scene, look at the challenges posed by our pine plantations and ask the experts how best to speak up (or hold our tongues) in the office.

Professor Steve Chapman CBE

Featured article

Turning a new page

Perth's small but thriving comic scene is a place where independent artists are beginning to make their mark in new and diverse ways, writes Ruth Callaghan.


Visual Arts students get creative at Mount Lawley Campus. Thumbnail

Life through the lens

Photomedia students Atanga Mungandi, Michael Angelo Gomez and Alec Thomas captured life on ECU’s three campuses in the second week of Semester 2, 2018.

A young girl and boy in a classroom with a teacher. Thumbnail

Big data: Research by the numbers

What do students really think of their teachers? What proportion of young people use their mobile phones while driving? We dive into the data to answer these questions and more.


Edith Magazine is published two times per year in hard copy and electronic formats. Current and past editions are available for download as PDF documents.

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