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Finding a better way to do what has always been done is part of a university’s mission. In this issue, we look at ways to reinvent the world around us, from building a smarter city to finding new ways to shave microseconds off a sports star’s performance. Even the clothes at the back of the wardrobe get reimagined.

Professor Steve Chapman

Featured article

Getting the world on its game

Behind every great modern sporting performance is a team of sports scientists. David Gear and Lisa Shearon spoke with some of the people trusted with a sports star’s physical performance.


The risks of Artificial Intelligence need to be taken seriously. Thumbnail

The secrets your body gives away

Eye-tracking and facial recognition technology could offer new ways to help detect disease. But unless we're careful, they could also spell the end to privacy as we know it.

Optus Stadium. Thumbnail

Beyond Utopia

WA is at a crossroads for infrastructure, with hopes a new independent organisation will reshape the planning agenda as well as the skyline of Perth.


Edith Magazine is published two times per year in hard copy and electronic formats. Current and past editions are available for download as PDF documents.

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