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Top of the class

Thursday, 29 August 2019


ECU's best and brightest were celebrated at this year's Vice-Chancellor's Student Awards.

The annual awards recognise the top 100 students based on their weighted average marks and number of completed units.

Students who have demonstrated outstanding engagement with external communities, contribution to university life and contribution to reconciliation are also celebrated.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve Chapman CBE presented the awards at the Joondalup Campus where he commended the students on their achievements.

"I'm incredibly proud of the achievements of our students and I'm always delighted to celebrate their success," Professor Chapman said.

"To be in the top 100 students is a significant achievement. There are around 30,000 students enrolled at ECU so if you're in this group, you're an incredibly special student."

Bachelor of Science (Cyber security) student Adam Walker is in the top 10 students and spoke to the audience about the future life lessons he’s learnt while at university, including:

  1. Passion - "Having passion in what I do is one of the most valuable things that can be done for a career, be it in academics, or the workplace," Adam said.
  2. Perseverance - "As one of my role models once said, perseverance is the ability to fall down five times and get up six. I never truly understood what this meant until I started university."
  3. Time management - "I think the most important skill I have learned is time management - the ability to manage time spent in my studies and personal life in such a way that one does not rule over the other."

Engagement Award

Master of Science (Computer Science) student Warren Zezito Cabral received the Vice-Chancellor's Student Award for Engagement.

Warren has demonstrated outstanding engagement with the community including acting as peer mentor to high school student through the i3 Program, offering free tutoring as part of the Computer Security and Science Association (CASSA) and promoting ECU and cyber security.

Master of Science (Biological Sciences) Emily Lette also received a special commendation for her extensive community engagement to both internal and external communities as Student Ambassador and Science Student Presenter.

Contribution to University Life

Bachelor of Health Science student Avril Bezant received the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Contribution to University Life for her outstanding engagement with external communities' including Nutrition Australia, the Nutrition Society of Australia and Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food amongst others.

Avril has created and facilitated food literacy workshops for the Albany community and is an active peer mentor and student representative.

Reconciliation Award

Bachelor of Education (Primary) student Jade Douglas received the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Reconciliation.

Jade has volunteered for a range of projects organised through the South West Campus that promote Aboriginal inclusion and representation on campus and the wider community.

She has continuously engaged both school children and prospective students through her cross-cultural interaction supporting the reconciliation process.

Top 100 Students
Gerard Mark Glennon
Mackenzie Taylor Buck
Christina Klomp
Jack Darcy Nelson
Heidi Ane Ramer
Adam Walker
Leigh-Anne Perelson
Liam Patrick Minotti
Julian William Rooney
Emma Ann Pollard
Duy Phuc Tran
Ciaran Murray
Luna Yadan
Nitin Harji Premji Hirani
Brendon Madey
Andrew Frick
Jade Elisha Bavaro
Samantha Wright
Lesley Anne Powell
Corinda Jade Peters
Samantha Emily Williams
Alicia Fiona Gorbould
Leanne Douglas
Wykham Schokman
Lance Norman D'antoine
Emma Marie Gunner
Laura Buck
Isabelle Abby Borona
Chantelle Alyce Gregory
Nina Katrin Dalchow
Denise Elizabeth Harris
Sheldon Ryan Gill
Nadia Liesl Heggers
Hannah Elizabeth How
Imogen Elizabeth Thomson
Hammad Maqsood
James Nathan Kucan
Dianne Regina Villanueva
Giorgia Rossi
Steven Anthony Taddei
Nicole Larcombe
Annaleigh Elizabeth Mckay
Sarah Grace Wordsworth
Kiyarni Louise Debnam-Dow
Rohit Jitendra Mulji
John Anthony Paolo
Emma Smith
Jie Hong Yang
Luke Stephen Potts
David Gorbould
Aidan Johnstone
Susan Raylee Wills
Michelle Ambrose
Christopher Wyper
Dylan Wade
Timothy George Burton
Wei Tien Sng
Joseph Slodowy
Tarun Mahesh Patel
Avril Debra Schadendorf
Sophie Brouwer
Jesse Daniel Johnson
Kathryn JoyTeale
Kyle Visser
Nicole Redhead
Nicole Ashley Stein
Jun Rong Ng
Geoffrey James Burt
Anton Timmins
Desiree Sexauer
Curtis Lefevre
Andrew Carl Russ
Narelle Gae Woodward
Emily Mcpherson
Donna Prytula
Karina Kishore Vaswani
Michael Andrew Hayes
Kieran Kelly
Alisha Anne Williams
Megan Samantha Juliet Jennings
Danielle Jessica Chilton
Georgia Todd
Rory Malcolm
Alani Jade Morgan
Ben Paterniti
Gabrielle Jia Yi Lee
Jasmine Louise Harrison
Hannah Louise Walley
Craig Lillico
Shirley-Ann Ayat
Abbey Lee Bradstreet
Johanne Lea Bailey
Gina Waters
Adrian George Swan
Gioia Teresa Fiori
Joel David Eyre
Kim Elizabeth Falsone
Claire Margaret Lacey
Matthew John Morris


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