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A message about the Australian bushfires for ECU students

Wednesday, 15 January 2020


Sadly, many ECU students spent the festive period watching heartbreaking scenes of bushfire devastation across Australia.

Fortunately, Edith Cowan University and our local Perth community have not been directly affected by the fire crisis that is currently concentrated on the east coast of Australia.

However, many of us know someone who has been affected and some of us have been directly affected ourselves.

These have been very difficult times for the people and wildlife of our country.

ECU is actively identifying ways we can assist in the national response to the bushfire emergency. Already there are many students and staff within our University community who have been lending assistance in various ways.

If you would still like to assist people directly affected by this bushfire emergency and the brave firefighters putting themselves in harm’s way, you can do so via the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and state-based fire brigades in NSW, Victoria and SA.

If you would like to support recovery efforts for Australian wildlife, you can donate to the bushfire emergency funds set up by WWF and WIRES.

If you yourself need emotional support during this time, you should contact our ECU Counselling Service on (08) 9370 6706 or visit the ECU Counselling webpage for more information.

If the bushfire emergency has in any way disrupted your plans for re-enrolment, and for all other student-related enquiries, please contact us.


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