Jeffrey Cooper

Doctor Jeffrey Cooper

Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School, Founder and Executive Director at Center of Medical Simulation, Boston

The Centre for Medical Simulation (CMS) in Boston, one of the world’s pioneering and leading such organizations, has great confidence in the ability and future success of Professor Cobie Rudd and Edith Cowan University to advance the state of healthcare simulation in Australia.

Building on almost a decade-long relationship between CMS faculty and Professor Rudd, we have forged strong ties in recent years in order to better use simulation to advance healthcare quality and safety.

Dr Robert Simon, Senior Director for Educational Leadership and International Programs at CMS recently commented that, “We have taught simulation instructors from all over the world and were grateful for the privilege given to us to teach our course for the first time in Western Australia.

"We’ve found that regional and state-wide courses held in the USA and other countries have helped to build a community of dedicated and energetic educators who know‑how to use the real power of simulation as applied to healthcare.

"ECU's Health Simulation Centre was an ideal venue for the course; the facilities, staff and infrastructure far exceeded our expectations and was comparable to any facility we have worked with internationally."

The ECU team has an emerging body of simulation and education research that will help move the simulation agenda forward. We are keen to collaborate with the team at ECU to enhance important research in patient safety and healthcare quality through the application of simulation.