Mel Ziman

Professor Mel Ziman

Leader of the Melanoma Research Group at Edith Cowan University

I am a tenured teaching and research Professor at ECU. I lead a vital and successful research group, in collaboration with leading melanoma researchers and clinicians locally, nationally and internationally.

With sustained support from ECU, I have spearheaded melanoma biomarker research in Western Australia and secured millions of dollars in funding from the Federal National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Australian Research Council, as well as the Cancer Council of Western Australia and numerous funding partners, including Merck Sharpe and Dohme (USA), Sengenics (Singapore) and Genoskin (France).

ECU has supported my deep commitment to excellence and innovation in teaching, research, service and engagement over many years. I have been awarded a VC Excellence Award for Engagement in Research, a National ALTC citation and UniJobs Lecturer of the year. The many postgraduate students I have mentored to completion of research degrees have obtained postdoctoral positions in prestigious laboratories worldwide.

Continuing to develop a research culture at ECU is at the forefront of strategies to develop the University, with continuous ongoing restructuring to expand ECU research. Sound investment in several outstanding researchers, performing cutting edge translational research, has seen the research culture develop. In more recent times, new and early career researchers, the backbone of any vibrant research culture, have become a growing force amongst ECU researchers.

ECU has made a significant investment in purpose built laboratories housing state-of-the-art equipment for research and teaching.

There is also a whole-of-university interdisciplinary approach to research investment, ensuring wider uptake, stronger support and collaboration in the use of state-of-the-art technologies, particularly between the biosciences, sciences and engineering facilities, both within and between universities. Collaborations are cemented with MOUs.

Growing the number and quality of higher degree research students is also a precedent at ECU. Excellent scholarships that match or exceed those at other local universities encourage our top students to join productive research teams at ECU with links to industry being a high priority, ensuring highly relevant engagement and innovation. Supervisors and students receive exceptional support to facilitate timely completions.

From the highest leaders to the support staff, ECU employees are deeply dedicated to this institution and strive to make it an exceptional place to learn and work. ECU has a supportive, collegial atmosphere, underpinned by sound ethical principles, where a sense of a ‘fair go for all’ makes this an extremely pleasant, vibrant and dynamic place to forge a career.