Zoe McAlpine

Zoe McAlpine

Chief Executive Officer, Breast Cancer Care WA

It was the quality, innovative approaches and outputs of ECU’s online health and communications research team that attracted our organisation to create an alliance with the university.

Breast Cancer Care WA formed a partnership with ECU in 2009 to expand research into the provision of professional health support in an online environment.

Whilst this would be our first active research partnership, the Board and staff were excited about taking up this unique opportunity to participate in evidence-based research whilst expanding our own unique services.

This partnership ran over several years, exceeding the project goals in regards to outcomes for improving industry knowledge through publication, guidelines and conference presentations. It also enabled our staff to support more Australians than could be achieved using traditional face-to-face cancer support channels.

Of particular significance were the research methodologies and innovative approaches brought to the project by ECU’s research team.

The outstanding research and project outcomes have enabled our unique support services to expand beyond traditional Western Australian borders, providing practical and emotional support to anyone requiring reliable breast cancer information and support services across Australia.

Overall, our team attribute the ongoing success and ability of the project to support all Australians impacted by a breast cancer diagnosis to the research excellence, innovative approaches and passion of the ECU Research team.

It is because of this success that our team and Board look forward to continuing our research partnership with ECU to expand these online health support services further and share this knowledge and experience with other cancer support organisations.