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Research projects

The research within the Collaborative Research Network is focused on six sub-projects:

  • Advanced technologies for leading teaching and education practice
    The Edith Cowan Institute for Education Research seeks to further Edith Dircksey Cowan's contribution to education and Australian society, with a mission to conduct education research that has high social and educational impacts. This sub-project, led by the Centre’s Director, Professor Mark Hackling, involves the development of sophisticated video and audio capture of teaching and learning behaviour.
  • Exercise medicine for the prevention and management of chronic disease
    This sub-project, led by Professor Rob Newton, involves deepening and broadening ECU's exercise medicine research capabilities for the prevention and management of chronic diseases, particularly those conditions causing profound suffering in our society.
  • Integrated health services to enhance community based health care
    The project aims to provide an evidence base for health services development, based on collaborative research with partner institutions with significant national impact. This sub-project is led by Professor Cobie Rudd (Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Health Advancement), Associate Professor Owen Carter (Research Director) and Dr Natalie Strobel (Research Fellow).
  • Nano-photonics and nano-electronics to support national frontier technologies
    The sub-project, led by the Electron Science Research Institute's Professor Kamal Alameh, aims to increase ECU's capabilities in the frontier technologies of nano-photonics and nano-electronics, through which higher-performance low-power hybrid nano-devices can be developed for future ICT systems and other applications, such as medicine, biotechnology, sensing, solar cells and displays.
  • Promotion of mental health and wellbeing in young people
    ECU’s Child Health Promotion Research Centre is internationally recognised for its multi-disciplinary school and community-based research. The project will result in the development of a national group to build the research capacity of the Centre, early career researchers at ECU and our partner universities.
  • Protection of coastal ecosystems and marine resource management
    ECU’s Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research brings together researchers with an interest in the functioning of marine ecosystems. The sub-project, led by the Centre’s Professor Paul Lavery, will focus on the development of capability in two inter-connected themes: eco-hydraulics and quantification of coastal connectivity (genetics and nutrients) among marine ecosystems.
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