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Professor Ralph Martins awarded almost $1m for Alzheimer's research

Friday, 30 October 2009


ECU’s Professor Ralph Martins and his team have been awarded $938,000 to further their research into Alzheimer’s disease.

Professor Martins has received funding for two separate projects from the National Health and Medical Research Council.

The first grant will enable the team to further investigate the effects of amyloid on the brain, and explore a possible links between Alzheimer’s and cardio-vascular disease.

This project is valued at $409,650, and also involves Dr Ian Martins, Associate Professor Mary Jo LaDu and Dr Matthew Sharman.

The second project will look at potential therapies to help clear amyloid-beta accumulation in the brain, one of the key markers of Alzheimer’s disease.

This project is valued at $529,125 and also involves Associate Professor Mathew Martin-Iverson and Mr Kevin Taddei.
Congratulations to Professor Martins and his team on this success.


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