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  • Centre for Transformational Games

    Centre for Transformational Games

Centre for Transformational Games

Transformational games are applications purposefully designed to create engaging and immersive learning environments for delivering specified learning goals, experiences and outcomes. The centre brings together the multi-disciplinary expertise needed to design, develop and study computer and video games as tools for changing the way a person thinks, feels, or acts.

Research activity in the centre aligns with several themes. These include:

  • educational games, targeting priority areas and outcomes from the Australian Curriculum;
  • docugames, embedding historical and cultural content;
  • games for health, providing health promotion and intervention;
  • accessible games, promoting social inclusion for those with physical and cognitive disabilities; and
  • training simulators, providing immersive 3D scenarios for role-play.

Bringing together a wide range of expertise, members of the centre have backgrounds in Computer Science, Education, Psychology, Sports Science, Health Promotion, Design and Art. Projects within the centre typically involve collaboration between game design, learning design and application domain experts.

The centre continuously seeks transformational game research projects from industry and government. Special interest workshops and seminars are offered in response to needs. The centre also has various opportunities for collaboration, including visiting scholars, Masters and PhD research projects and access to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs in game programming, design and culture.


Research Assistant
Ms Zina Cordery
Telephone: (61 8)9370 6604

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