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Matthew Bambach wins prestigious 3MT Competition

Matthew Bambach wins prestigious 3MT Competition

Friday, 19 August 2011


Congratulations to Matthew Bambach, a part time PHD candidate and  ECU academic from the School of Management, for winning  ECU’s 3MT competition.

Matthew’s PhD is focussed on enhancing independent school board governance. He used the analogy of a helicopter to illustrate his thesis. Using this symbolism he explained that most school boards in the study only partly knew how to fly the helicopter and that they certainly did not all know where they were going.

Matthew’s research will help school boards to navigate through times of storms and crisis. The results of his research contain models and frameworks to show school boards how and where to fly their helicopters (ie to effectively govern).

Matthew said he thoroughly enjoyed being part of the 3MT competition.

“It helped me focus on my PhD and work out a way to communicate it in a fun and interesting way,” Matthew said.

“On its own you can see this topic could get people yawning, so working out how to communicate my research in an interesting and engaging way was, for me, the challenge of this competition.

“I was really pleased when people came up to me at the end of the ECU 3MT final and said they found my PhD topic really interesting and they enjoyed listening about my research. For me this was my main victory. Winning the competition was a bonus.”

3MT Results

1st place: Matthew Bambach

School of Management

3MT title: Get on board –We’re flying: An examination of board governance effectiveness in WA independent schools.

2nd place and joint people’s choice: Sian Teague

School of Communications and Arts

3MT title: Pregnancy Termination.

3rd place and joint people’s choice: Donna Barwood

School of Education

3MT title: Health Education in WA Lower Secondary Schools.

Matthew will now represent ECU at the national finals which are this year being held at the University of Western Australia in September 2011.


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