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Thumbnail picture of Sreedhar Acharya Nallan Thumbnail

"My scholarship also showed me the encouragement provided by the University for international students to conduct their research."

Sreedhar Acharya Nallan

ECU Postgraduate Research Scholarship – International

Thumbnail picture of Hooyar Attar Thumbnail

"I appreciate the fact that this scholarship has assisted in minimising my living and study expenses, while allowing me to focus on the most important thing - completing my PhD"

Hooyar Attar

ECU Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Mark Gasser Thumbnail

"My scholarship took the pressure off having to work or study part-time – which, for a PhD, would be very difficult. I would encourage all students to apply, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

Mark Gasser

ECU Postgraduate Research Scholarship and ECU Research Excellence Award

Thumbnail picture of Ashleigh McEvoy Thumbnail

"The award of an Inspiring Minds Scholarship has raised my profile"

Ashleigh McEvoy

Inspiring Minds Research Scholarship and Australian Postgraduate Award

Thumbnail picture of Tim Newhouse Thumbnail

"My scholarship provided me with an important sense of financial security. This means that I can focus on doing what I love, expanding my business and ultimately fulfilling my dreams."

Tim Newhouse

ECU Excellence Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Agatha Inkoom Thumbnail

"The EIPRS has made it possible for me to study in Australia. It took care of all my fees and gave me a regular living allowance since I arrived in 2008. This has made my studies possible and allowed me to experience the very cosmopolitan ECU community."

Agatha Inkoom

Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Miriam Brooker Thumbnail

“My scholarship has helped me to achieve my goals.”

Miriam Brooker

Australian Postgraduate Award

Thumbnail picture of Natasha Cross Thumbnail

“The ECU Excellence Scholarship means I can put lots of time and effort into my studies.”

Natasha Cross

ECU Excellence Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Kylie Stevenson Thumbnail

"My scholarship provides direct financial support so that I can devote myself full-time to my studies. As a sole parent with full responsibility for raising two children, financial security whilst studying was vital."

Kylie Stevenson

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Hezekiah Babatunde Thumbnail

"I am extremely grateful for the financial support that my scholarship has provided me with. It has enabled me to purchase many books to support me with my study, which has been extremely beneficial while I have been undertaking my PhD."

Hezekiah Babatunde

ECU International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

Thumbnail picture of Lachlan Morrison Thumbnail

“ECU has proven to be a suitable ground for my passion.”

Lachlan Morrison

Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Young Technologists Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Gayle O’Leary Thumbnail

"This scholarship has provided me with the fantastic opportunity to gain work experience in the planning industry. This has subsequently provided me with contacts and a reference, with the possibility of future employment."

Gayle O’Leary

City of Joondalup Focussing on the Future ECU Award

Thumbnail picture of Stevie Langford Thumbnail

"The Scholarship has not only enabled me to afford the equipment needed for my photography degree but it has allowed me to cut back on work and focus 100 percent on my studies."

Stevie Langford

The ECU Vice-Chancellor’s Indigenous Australian Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Helen Monks Thumbnail

"I wouldn’t have been able to complete my PhD without the financial support of ECU’s Inspiring Minds Scholarship."

Helen Monks

Inspiring Minds Research Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Keira McKenzie Thumbnail

"The financial support gave me the freedom to enjoy being a student and get stuck into my studies. I’d advise all students to try for scholarships."

Keira McKenzie

APA and ECU Research Excellence Award

Thumbnail picture of Edi Triono Nuryatno Thumbnail

"My scholarship drives me to continue working hard in my research."

Edi Triono Nuryatno

ECU Postgraduate Research Scholarship – International

Thumbnail picture of Erin Kelly Thumbnail

"I appreciate the financial assistance greatly! It has helped support my passion and drive towards my career, which is a great gift to be given"

Erin Kelly

Mrs Mac's Rural Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Gabrielle Metcalf Thumbnail

"My scholarship has enabled me to fully invest my time and energy into my research. This has made it possible to engage with my practice and develop my skills to a substantial level, as I now have the time to do so."

Gabrielle Metcalf

Australian Postgraduate Award

Thumbnail picture of Henry Anderson Thumbnail

"This scholarship has removed some of the financial pressure of everyday life, allowing me more time to focus on my studies rather than on part-time work."

Henry Anderson

ECU Excellence Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Alex Williams Thumbnail

"My scholarships have helped me by funding part of my Chinese study tour"

Alex Williams

Dr John Woolcott Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Daniel Doh Thumbnail

“This scholarship has created all kinds of learning opportunities.”

Daniel Doh

ECU International Postgraduate Research Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Darcy Burns Thumbnail

"I’ve been able to involve myself in extra activities and opportunities that I would otherwise have had to pass up."

Darcy Burns

ECU Excellence Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Melissa Lynch Thumbnail

"I would encourage anyone to apply for a scholarship. The financial aspect is excellent and the boost it gave my confidence was worth it alone."

Melissa Lynch

Dorothea Swift Nursing Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Jayden Gerrand Thumbnail

“My scholarships have been very helpful, providing me the financial assistance necessary to focus on my studies.”

Jayden Gerrand

Dorothea Swift Nursing Scholarship and The Perth Airport Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Scholarship

Thumbnail picture of Katia Haines Thumbnail

"Receiving an ECUPRS has enabled me to achieve my study goals while also being present and available for my children. The scholarship has meant that there was no requirement for me to work while studying, which also greatly alleviated a huge burden financially."

Katia Haines

ECU Postgraduate Research Scholarship

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