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PhD Candidate's Micro-film project screening at Yagan Square Tower

Tuesday, 21 July 2020


School of Arts and Humanities PhD Candidate Harrison See currently has a collaborative video screening at Yagan Square tower after being awarded a Screenwest creative grant.

The grant titled, Today in My Life, called on Western-Australian artists and screen practitioners to create micro-film projects that "celebrate the uniqueness of our amazing state and the distinctive people who live within it" during COVID-19. In response, Harrison See and his collaborator Desmond Mah filmed the creation of their painting titled, Intermission, as part of See's research.

While maintaining social distancing, the two contemporary painters collaborate on a large-scale impromptu painting, the resulting film a time-lapsed performative painting session. A session where See and Mah both draw on cultural iconography as they apply inks, gesso and soy sauce, reworking their own, and each others’ imagery until a conclusion was reached. While painting, the two Perth-based artists improvised a story examining their hybrid cultural identities.

The five-minute-long video was selected amongst another eleven other successful grant winners, with these videos playing every Thursday throughout June and July from 6:20pm. See and Mah's video can also be viewed on YouTube.


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