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Contemporary Visual Arts Research Group

The Contemporary Visual Arts Research group investigates languages of materiality through diverse media to depict visible and invisible realms. The researchers are interdisciplinary and have a wide range of experience within the field of art. The research emerges from critically investigating bodies of knowledge through the hybrid methodologies and mediums employed by the maker.

Research interest areas

  • Ontology of becoming;
  • The impact of digital culture;
  • Phenomenology and the body;
  • Art and ecology;
  • Cultural explorations of landscape and place; and
  • Identity and hybridity

Practice led research

The search for material form motivates and unifies this research community however the questions asked and the outcomes of these diverse practices differ in multiple ways. Part of the process of this kind of search is to reflexively engage in ‘material thinking’ as outlined by Paul Carter (2004). Material thinking represents for Carter an ‘articulate’ revealing of the creative process which otherwise ‘remains unspoken’, - importantly it recognises through conversation and dialogue, the ‘creative intelligence’ of the materials themselves. Such forms of engagement are applied through analysis of various philosophies of, for example, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Gilles Deleuze, Ulrich Beck, and others to reconsider painting, film, video, printmaking, textiles, drawing, photography, sculpture and hybrid expressions such as installations and the artist’s book in order to create new forms of knowledge.

Our staff, through their expertise and highly developed research skills, constantly aim towards communicating with and educating the community whilst also expanding their own knowledge.

Our staff

Current projects

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