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Design interventions to promote understanding of the UV Index

This proposed project would form a component of an existing project: “UV Meters and Understanding of the UV Index by University Students” that has been funded by a CES grant (in collaboration with Danielle Brady and the Cancer Council). That project aims to measure understanding of the UV Index by carrying out intercept interviews with students on campus. The design work described below was planned as part of the original project, but the CES funding will only cover the intercept interviews to be carried out at six and 12 months after installation of the meter (the pre-installation interviews were completed in a 2015 project).

In 2014 students in Des2104 Vector Illustration worked on an industry-based project for the Cancer Council’s SunSmart program. Following this work, the Cancer Council adopted one of the designs for UV meter signage to be used across Perth. Over Autumn and Winter in 2016 it is proposed to develop some of the other materials designed (with permission) in order to promote the UV meter and UVI concepts on campus. It is proposed to employ an ECU design student to undertake this work. This may take the form of printed materials (eg posters) or other innovative design interventions. This material will be available from the start of semester 2, 2016, allowing approximately one semester of exposure to design materials. The intention is for the research team to investigate and pilot ways of using the fixed UV meter to promote knowledge amongst students on campus.

While poor understanding of the UVI is not a new finding, The Cancer Council advises that this is one of the first on fixed UV meters in the physical environment of those exposed to the sun. Using real time feedback from a fixed UV meter can be considered ‘visualising’ the harmful effects of UV radiation. We are interested in expanding this area of research as a component of the developing expertise in visual communication offered by the School of Arts and Humanities.

Funding agency

eResearch Technology Funding Scheme - ECU

Project duration

July, 2016 - December, 2016


Dr Hanadi Haddad

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