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Empowering YOUth

Young people experiencing homelessness are amongst those most at risk of long term unemployment. It is the experiences of trauma, transience and disconnection from communities that severely hamper young people's ability to maintain firm connections with education or employment. This project focuses on designing for an Independent Future. It applies Human Centred Design approach to the challenges in employment for homeless young people. This includes 3 components:

  1. The establishment of a mobile, outreach based service that targets young people experiencing homelessness, who are staying in the existing crisis and transitional accommodation system in the Perth Metro Area. This would combine employability skills and career development in the crisis system, and move to one to one support in the transitional system to broker young people's access to employment and maintain their engagement once there;
  2. Utilising a HCD approach working alongside Edith Cowan University's Design Department, Anglicare WA would co-design this service provision with young people and the wider sector, and find the essential innovations that enable successful outcomes; and
  3. At a minimum, the HCD process would find the most successful methods for utilising new technologies to engage young people in the employment space, whether that be developing employability, or in staying connected to support structures. We believe this use of technology would have wide applicability across youth support and employment sectors.

Given that this project will focus on an iterative process, the specific service delivery to young people will need to remain flexible, leaving the detail of what the project will actually do in its eventual intervention stage open. The project will involve an initial 8 month Human Centred Research and Design process (the `Design Phase') before implementing a program that will seek to service at least 100 young people in the latter 16 months (the 'Implementation Phase').

Funding agency

Department of Employment

Project duration

May 2017 – June 2019


Dr Christopher Kueh
Jethro Sercombe, Human-Centred Design Lead (Anglicare WA)

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