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Enhancing communication in teaching international students

Recent experience in teaching students from Tokyo Central University has highlighted the need for alternative methods of communicating information. It has been difficult to communicate verbally due to the low English levels of some of the students (about IELTS 3). As ECU expands its international offerings it is increasingly important to be able to communicate with intelligent and able students who have not had much exposure to learning in English. In communicating with the TCU students I found that using diagrams and sketches worked well. For example creating a cartoon of the process needed to carry out an assignment, including research in books, asking questions and testing out designs on users.

This project will use illustrations to enhance verbal communication. It sets out to develop a flexible digital illustration method, whereby academic staff can use characters and visual props in their class presentations. Illustrations will be tested at two Japanese universities.

Funding agency

ECU – School of Arts and Humanities Strategic Infrastructure Fund

Project duration

July, 2016 - October, 2016


Dr Alun Price

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