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Interactive nutrition labels: The use of pervasive games and QR code technology to simplify calorie and nutrition information for children in modern labelling

The modern consumer is demanding more information about the food that they buy and its consequences on their health. Current labelling practices of food do not provide contextualised information on nutrition or its consequences. The aim of this project is to explore the potential of serious and pervasive games in children’s attitudinal change. New technologies, such as QR code, enable the scanning of labels that can provide access to databases on nutrition that can summarise and provide visual consequences of nutritional choices. Moreover, the new multimedia pervasive games can involve people in actual physical activity while retrieving that information.

The aim of the research is to:

  • create both mobile and desktop versions of a nutritional game for children, with the mobile version integrating QR code technology as a means of updating inventory within the game;
  • use the game in a learning situation where late primary-school aged children make nutritional decisions and see the effect of those decisions; and
  • evaluate both the experience and the technology involved.


Associate Professor Mark McMahon
Mr Shane Henderson

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