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Prototyping an authentic work/shared assessment strategy - ClimbIt

ClimbIt is comprised of two separate, yet interconnected, projects with a web interface and a tangible user interface (TUI).

The implementation of the ClimbIt project will produce two types of creative and productive products that will provide the ‘climate and atmosphere’ overview of the computer labs in Building 3.

The ClimbIt project will focus on a web-based version of ClimbIt, which can be completed within a semester. The project is envisaged to communicate live ‘weather-like’ information through the product in real time to enhance the user’s experience.

The main functional outcome of the project is to allow users to obtain up-to-date information about the lab usage and atmosphere. In the web interface product, students will be able to obtain the information via the SCA website. The TUI product will be placed in Building 3’s stairwells in the form of a touchable product or screen-based interface with quirky and fun visual output, such as different colours representing moods of each lab.


Mr Shane Henderson
Dr Jo Jung
Dr Barnard Clarkson

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