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CREATEC Weekly Seminar Series - Honours Presentations

Thursday, 18 May 2017


Title: Desperate for double happiness: inquiries into mothers’ motivations within a Shanghai marriage market

Abstract: This research challenges the negative rhetoric that permeates public media on China’s “meat markets”. Examining the perspective that Shanghai’s biggest marriage market is instead a space for parents to seek solace, the researcher will traverse the markets on foot, utilizing third space theory and practice-led/ethno-mimetic research strategies to produce a participatory art exhibition.

Title: Riding through moratorium: Marcia’s theory of identity formation and Young Adult equine literature.

Abstract: Young Adult equine literature bridges the gap between children’s pony books and adult equestrian fiction. The project will examine how Young Adult equine literature incorporates conventions and themes from the wider Young Adult genre. The theoretical lens for the project is Marcia’s theory of identity formation.

Title: The effects of utilitarianism on pauperism in England and Wales 1800-1860

Abstract: Utilitarianism had a profound effect on pauperism in England and Wales from 1800 to 1860. This is highlighted through the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act which led to the overhaul of the workhouse system. The proposed project will examine the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act to determine how utilitarianism was represented in the act.

Title: How is something so calm, so chaotic? – The oscillation of the body between object and the subject through a dynamic model of artist/audience interaction.

Abstract: This practice–led research explores the unpredictable interactions between the artist and audience in performance-based artworks. The artist’s body will be a catalyst for this exchange, shifting from object to subject through actions of engagements, exploring the thresholds of performative communication. A series of performance artworks will be undertaken in contemporary art spaces where the interactions and dialogues with the artist will ultimately transform the outcome of the work.

Title: Exploring the counternarrative value of terror memorials

Abstract: In this proposed research project a case study methodology will be used to examine the memorial processes following a terror attack. The project will look specifically at ways in which memorialisation can incorporate counternarratives to terrorism and violent extremism.

Title: Women in Palestinian Politics: A Critical Investigation of the Female Election Quota Through the Debate of Islamic Feminism.

Abstract: The status& of women within the political landscape of Palestine is constantly evolving. This research aims to investigate the origin and effects of the Palestinian female election quota through the theoretical perspective of Islamic feminism. Through a case study of the 2004/2005 local elections, the research will explore how and to what extent the female election quota has increased women’s political participation.

Event details

Date: Wednesday, 31 May 2017
Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Venue: ECU Mount Lawley Campus, Building 10, Room 10.308
Cost: Free
Light lunch will be provided


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