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CREATEC Weekly Seminar Series - Dr Kayt Davies and Dr Jude Elund

Thursday, 31 August 2017


Presenter: Dr Kayt Davies

Title: How the era of big data is changing our/my courses.

Biography: Dr Kayt Davies is a senior lecturer in journalism at Edith Cowan University and head of the university’s journalism major. She teaches students to navigate the complex webs of political, science and business fields in search of questions that need to be asked. A true believer in the vital role of journalism in equitable democratic systems she encourages students to think about how journalism will be created and disseminated in the near future, as the architecture of the business model warps and flexes. Issues she grapples with through her research include how academics can teach journalism students to thrive in the Era of Big Data and how journalists and sources in oppressive and hostile situations can be kept safe

Abstract: Big data is coming like an apocalyptic thundercloud threatening to change the way information is sought, stored and processed. Its implications for the way journalism operates are enormous and leave us facing the daunting challenge of not only learning how to work with it but also almost simultaneously teaching students those skills. We are working on this coal face and have tales to tell.

Presenter: Dr Jude Elund

Title: Throwing like a girl: Analysing the methodology of motion capture, movement and gender.

Biography: Dr Jude Elund is a lecturer at Edith Cowan University, lecturing in new media, communication, public relations and cultural studies. Her specialisms include the social uses of technology as well as its political, philosophical and cultural implications. Current projects include the investigation of subversive spaces and digital screen culture, including motion capture and the study of non-normative youth identities.

Abstract: The objects for interpretation in this study are bodies. The notion of what a body is, what a body does and ultimately what it represents, is central to the methodological inputs and constraints of this work. We have unconscious biases which seek to reduce ambiguity, making our perception more certain in the process. This form of simplification is central to the reading of bodies – viewing a body and leaving it ungendered is problematic for the viewer. It dislodges the certainty of the social order, the prescribed notion of not only how bodies work, but the hierarchy of the social order and all of its relations. Although the figures animated in the project are of bodies, are not corporeal bodies, they are bodies. We read them as bodies because we have been encultured to do so.

Event details

Date: Wednesday, 6 September 2017
Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm
Venue: ECU Mount Lawley Campus, Building 10, Room 10.308
Cost: Free
Light lunch will be provided


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