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Contemporary Arts Research Group

Our group challenges commonly held perceptions.

Being widely regarded as the most isolated city in the world, we invert that perception simply by standing the global map of the world on its head. In so doing Perth can be seen as one of the closest major Australian cities to Asia being, for example, on the same time zone as Shanghai and Taiwan. Further, we are fortunate, through the work of Kurongkurl Katitjin, to be informed by the deep knowledge of Aboriginal Australia, one of the oldest continuing cultures in the world. Our group is comprised of a diverse constellation of practices ranging from, filmmakers, installation artists, painters and printmakers to multi-disciplinary artists. Common motivations revolve around how an art practice might critically confront key problems of today such as climate change; forced migration; identity; belonging; hyper-consumption and more. Our people are concerned with making images and therefore reflexively engage on the creative process. Our geography does not limit our curiosity or imagination. We embrace the lesson of Australian novelist Gerald Murnane, who considers the most interesting images emerge at the edge of vision, at the edge of consciousness. In accepting this challenge, we work towards changing commonly held perceptions through art practice.

Research interest areas

  • Art and Science
  • Art and Ecology
  • Creative Process
  • Identity and Hybridity
  • Phenomenology: Embodied Perception
  • Practice-led Research
  • The Impact of Digital Culture
  • Third Space
  • Space, Place and Culture

Our People

Postgraduate candidates

  • Gale Mason
  • Cim Sears
  • Laura Mitchell
  • Shana James
  • Jenni Skinner
  • Laura Mitchell,
  • Brenton Rossow
  • Harrison See
  • Jane Ziemons
  • Barbara Douglas
  • Steven Baitz

Adjunct and Honorary

  • Dr Janien Schwarz.

Current projects

Past projects

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