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Co-founded in 2011 by artist Paul Uhlmann and writer Marcella Polain, fold (artists books + editions) is a research project of Contemporary Arts Research Group and Creative and Professional Writing Group through CREATEC, and aims to find new ways to reveal the image – both written and visual.

Recent projects engage with developing new forms of translation. Translation is widely interpreted through language, poetry, and life experiences, and may involve spring-boarding from the work of other artists or considering ways to reinterpret across language barriers with a hybrid expression of word and image.

An ongoing fascination of this research is to investigate, through discrete projects, the space where word may be understood to create images and where images give rise to words. Within the means of production, hot-metal letterpress is explored, often in combination with whatever means is available such as type writer, handwriting, collage, stencil and contemporary digital print techniques along with drawing, printmaking techniques.

To date many of the outputs have been artist’s books; however, some have been limited editioned prints. The advantage of these objects, which contain compressed forms of new creative knowledge, is that they travel with comparative ease through the mail and enable potential international collaborations through exhibitions and conference papers. These objects are acts of resistance to counter to the speed of ubiquitous nature of digital culture; they are embodied works of materiality made slowly with imperfect care.

Our work has been exhibited in Spain, Australia and China. This research platform has also hosted many artists in residence including internationally regarded UK artist Professor Paul Coldwell.

Artists in residence

2017 - Rebecca Jensen

2018 - Temily Peace and Sarah Robinson

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