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Creative and Professional Writing Group

The terms ‘creative writing’ and ‘professional writing’ are necessary industry delineations. Writers – in this group and everywhere – work in the nexus, continually crossing these lexical boundaries, illuminating the interdependence of skill sets, the necessity of risk and leap, of uncertainty and technical imagination, the liminal spaces occupied by, in, and through acts of writing, and the limits and potentials of language. They work simultaneously, fluidly, in practice-led research and research-led practice, and paradoxically embrace and resist existing formal, structural, technical, stylistic and linguistic conventions. Metaphoric thinking, so much at the heart of the human experience, is both rational and imaginative.

Modes included are:

  • poetry
  • prose-poetry
  • narrative fiction (short and long)
  • creative non-fiction
  • non-fiction
  • stage plays.

Our staff

  • Dr Marcella Polain
  • Dr Donna Mazza
  • Dr Vahri Mackenzie
  • Dr Brendan Ritchie
  • Professor Trevor Cullen

Adjunct staff

  • Dr Ffion Murphy
  • Associate Professor Jill Durey
  • Professor Glen Phillips
  • Associate Professor Richard Rossiter

Past and Present HDR

  • Dr Shevaun Cooley
  • Dr Lucy Eyre
  • Tasia Adji
  • Dawn Crabb
  • Michelle Symes

Current projects

  • fold editions
  • The ‘Stubborn Murmur’ Project
  • International Centre for Landscape and Literature.


  • Cooley, S. (2017) Homing. NSW: Giramondo Publishing
  • ________ (2019) Granite. Hobart: Lost Rocks Project
  • Durey, J. (2002) Trollope and the Church of England. London: Palgrave MacMillan
  • _______ (2014) Degrees of Intimacy: cousin marriage and the nineteenth century novel. Glasgow: Humming Earth
  • Mazza, D. (2007) The Albanian. Fremantle: Fremantle Press
  • Polain, M. (2019) Driving into the Sun. Fremantle: Fremantle Press
  • ________ (2008) Therapy like Fish: new and selected poems. Melbourne: John Leonard Press
  • Ritchie, B. (2015) Carousel. Fremantle: Fremantle Press
  • ________ (2016) Beyond Carousel. Fremantle: Fremantle Press
  • Rossiter, R. (2009) Arrhythmia: stories of desire. Crawley: UWA Publishing
  • _________ (2014) Thicker than Water. Crawley: UWA Publishing
  • _________ (2019) Refuge. Crawley: UWA Publishing
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