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Media, Culture and Society Research Group

The Media, Culture and Society Research Group inquires into the media within cultural, political, economic, historical and social context. The research encompasses various perspectives such as textual or visual analysis of media representations, social analysis of new media, identity formation, new communication technologies, mobile culture, urban space and audience studies. The group has an interdisciplinary focus and regularly engages with a wider range of issues in cultural, textual and social analysis.

Research interest areas

Communication studies

This research area looks at the issues of ethnicity, equity, diversity and social sustainability with regards to refugees, young people ‘at risk’, the elderly, and popular media identifications. Some of these projects have been supported by federal funding, such as a “A hand up: Disrupting the communication of intergenerational welfare dependency”. Various approaches are employed from ethnographic, interviews and analyses of signifying systems.

Cultural Studies

Investigating the relationship between representation, media texts and wider questions of contemporary culture is a key aim of this research. This research is empirically engaged analysis that focuses on the political dynamics and social forces that converge in the media and everyday life, in regards to consent and resistance. ‘Ways of being’ are explored in related to gender, feminism, queer studies, identity, sexuality, embodiment, ethnicity, urban space, and visual culture, including photography.  International research collaborations have been established.  Recent books, produced by leading international publishers, have been in the areas such as transnational religious movements; subversion, sexuality and the virtual self; and somatechnics and popular music in digital contexts.

Media studies

Content analysis, discourse analysis and audience (reception) studies research are carried out with a particular emphasis upon research into the social and cultural dimensions of both new and old media as well as communication technologies. Research has resulted in internationally published books, such as Activism and Digital culture in Australia.  A number of nationally-funded research projects have also been undertaken in areas such as the Internet in Australian family life and Digital Play: Social network sites and the well-being of young children.

Our staff

Current projects

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