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Space, Place, Body and Technology Research Group

SPBAT interrogates optical and electronic technology and its role in the recording and creation of still and moving images and sound as cultural constructs. SPBAT also investigates the depiction of space, place and body as image, moving image, sound, narrative and non-narrative cultural constructs through  the use of technology.

Research Interest Areas

Space, place and culture

In what ways does culture transform Space into Place? The Place you were born, raised, schooled, walked, coupled, raised children of your own, left, travelled, remembered, returned to and will eventual pass away – the place of story. Place is the site where culture is exercised. SPBAT interrogates  the transformation of Space and the meanings that emerge.

Film, video and photography

The technologies of film, video and photography permit the practical interrogation of Space, Place and Body. These are the tools of meaning making, critiquing, of telling stories, of the abject and of pleasure – tools of visual and aural expression.

The technologies of representation

SPBAT interrogates the tools of meaning making, the technologies of representation. They are as much part of the message as the message itself. The choice of technology and media defines the context of data capture, exhibition and the audience; and as such they require careful examination and analysis  for their potential and limits.

Body culture and communication

SPBAT engages with the corporal Body as a site of investigation. As corporal beings, our material presence – our Body, the way we look, age, dress, act, interact, group, work, fight and love, how we relate to Space and Place – our conceits are rendered by the technologies of representation  into signs, symbols and language; and via technologies and modes of communications these renderings are distributed, perceived and interpreted.

Critical theories of communication

The practice of recording and disseminating sound and image is both underpinned and critiqued utilising critical theories of Cultural Studies. The creation and communication of the message, its encoding and decoding, the intentions and understandings of the sender and the receiver, the political economy  of representation and technologies of communications are all part of SPBAT’s on going discourse and research on communication.

The philosophies of aesthetics

Through the critique of individual works, exhibitions, screenings and broadcasts SPBAT members utilize philosophies of aesthetics to ascertain cultural significance.

Our staff

Current projects

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