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Time, Text and People Research Group

The Time, Text and People research group conducts a range of research into social, cultural, political and historical issues, across the social science and humanities disciplines. Though diverse in its nature, the work of the TTP researchers aims to further understanding of individuals and society,  and their cultural and political characteristics.

Research Interest Areas

Culture and Society

Exploration of social issues and their representation across a broad range of mediums. Key topics include: environmental change, gender, political ideologies, war, crime, and drugs; across mediums such as literature, music, film, theatre, and poetry.

Global History

Investigation of varied historical areas and topic, from world civilisations and Australian history, to 20th Century conflict, genocide, human rights struggles, and crime and society.

Politics and International Relations

Analysis of questions of public policy, structures of government, political ideology, international relations, terrorism, and the environment.

Literature, Writing and Communication

Examination of English Literature and communication across a diverse array of mediums, with additional focus on writing for children, and writing for business, professional and academic readers.

Languages, Translation and Teaching

French and Japanese language training, and engagement with the practical and theoretical elements of language teaching and translation.

Our staff, through their expertise and highly developed research skills, constantly aim towards communicating with and educating the community whilst also expanding their own knowledge.

Our staff

Current projects

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