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Amphetamine use among detainees at the East Perth Watchhouse: What is the impact on crime?

Existing data from the Western Australian arm of the Drug Use Monitoring of Australia (DUMA) project and reported crime in Western Australia is being analysed. The findings will provide a detailed analysis of the characteristics of, and types of crime associated with amphetamine users in WA over an extended period. DUMA data for the 11 year period from 1999 to 2009 is examined. There is a lack of research assessing the involvement of amphetamine users in specific offences, particularly non-drug related offences like property offences. While most of the research on drug use and crime focuses on heroin users, in Western Australia a substantial proportion of offenders use amphetamines. Therefore it is important to develop a clear profile of users and their involvement in specific offences in order to develop effective and targeted interventions. Profiles are being developed using the DUMA data (ECU & AIC), WA Crime Statistics (WA Police), drug seizures (WA Police), clandestine laboratory seizures (WA Police), treatment utilisation (Drug & Alcohol Office), Needle and syringe program (NSP)data, (WA Health Department), and the National Drug Strategy household survey.

Funding agency

Criminology Research Council

Project duration

January 2011 - December 2012



Dr Natalie Gately
Ms Jenny Kessell
Dr Robyn Morris
Dr Catherine McGregor

In collaboration with The Australian Institute of Criminology and WA Police

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