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Fear of crime in an island paradise: Examining the generalisability of key theoretical constructs in the Maldivian context.

Since the 1970's numerous empirical studies have examined fear of crime. Key theoretical constructs emerging from this literature include: age, gender, social cohesion, social incivilities, and perceptions of police. While these three constructs have received extensive empirical support from both cross-sectional and longitudinal projects, they have been based in western liberal democratic nations. Accordingly, little is known about fear of crime within smaller, island nation states. Using a large sample (n = 480) from the Maldives, the current study seeks to examine: a) the extent of fear of crime within the Maldives, and b) the extent to which previous theoretical constructs can be generalised to other population areas. The findings indicate considerably higher levels of fear of crime in the Maldives than other western liberal democratic societies and that previous theoretical constructs are associated with variations in fear of crime. Policy implications are discussed.

Funding agency


Project duration

January 2015 - December 2017


  • Hodgkinson, T., Gately, N., McCue, J., Shuhad, A., Corrado, R., & Andresen, M.A. (2017). Fear of Crime in an Island Paradise: Examining the Generalizability of Key Theoretical Constructs in the Maldivian Context. International Criminal Justice Review. Vol. 27(2) 108-125


Dr Natalie Gately
Dr James McCue
Mr Ahmed Shuhad – Maldives Police
Professor Raymond Corrado – Simon Fraser University

In collaboration with the Maldives Police and Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

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